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Our brand


As the basis for our cloud icon, we went with 3 different circular shapes. We wanted the cloud to have a clean round look that would express both Sellercloud’s professionalism and brand personality.


A refreshed icon
Sellercloud’s logo underwent a major transformation. We wanted to keep the cloud shape but still put a fresh new spin on it. That’s why we decided to go with three contrasting blue colors using a rounder friendlier shape.
We also switched to a lowercase “c” in Sellercloud so that our brand name feels more homogeneous and fluid.


Our logo needs to be clearly visible at all times. (Hover over images)


We wanted to keep the blue from our previous logo but make it more colorful and fun. Using 3 different colors gives us more flexibility and animates the whole look.


It’s classy, modern, and approachable. Just like us.

We use Galaano Grotesque for headlines and details Sellercloud keeps track of every part of your e-commerce workflow. From inventory management to publishing product listings and order fulfillment – we're here to give you an easier way to meet the demands of your business and achieve your maximum growth potential.